Ronny Menten makes 1st National against 10111 Yearlings en is the fastest against 45507 pigeons !!!

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After winning 1st National Bourges last year, Ronny wins this year again 1st National Tulle 9586 Yearlings and the fastest of the
19035 pigeons !!!


Menten Ronny……… The best is not good enough !!!


Since his youth Ronny became passionate about the pigeon sport and as a child he got the microbe for this hobby from his grandfather.

Until his 18 year Ronny raced pigeons as a hobby, nothing more. When he started his own business at that age, there was no time anymore for the pigeons and with pain in the hart, he had to stop with the pigeons and all the pigeons were removed from the loft.

Once his business was going well, the enthusiasm came back to race pigeons again. In 1999 he started again with the pigeons, with the help from his parents since Ronny was busy with his business 7 days a week. Even with this he was not yet satisfied and with his winners mentality he put more and more time in his pigeons.

This became a success by getting pigeons from the best from the best with fanciers in Belgium such as Vanoppen-Luyten where 2 years in a row he purchased  a round of youngsters.

Especially the contribution of the Paulien-line from Albert Derwa from Herent became a success. These pigeons were crossed with his own bloodline, the Golden Pair and made him to get top results in the National races.

The best pigeons from the loft Albert Derwa came to Rummen where under direct children from Paulien, De Zoon, Primo, Priscilla, Paulette etc… These pigeons live now in the beautiful breeding loft from Ronny.

And still he moved on and he started a cooperation with the National top fancier Gino Clique from Wevelgem. Each year the first round of youngsters moves to Ronny’s loft and top results were a fact!!!

Because of his desire to win he got the status in the top of the Belgian pigeon sport.


TOP 100 National Races 2015 & Provincial results

Old birds & Yearlings

3 NAT Bourges 18826 Old birds
4 NAT Bourges 21522 Yrl
4 NAT Gueret 16262 Yrl
5 NAT Gueret 16262 Yrl
8 NAT ChateaurouxII 3933 Old birds
13 NAT BourgesII 14496 Yrl
15 NAT Chateauroux II 18769 Yrl
17 NAT Bourges 18826 Old birds
18 NAT Bourges 18826 Old birds
18 NAT Tulle 6229 Old birds
24 NAT Chateauroux II 18769 Yrl
25 NAT Bourges II 14496 Yrl
31 NAT Gueret 12516 Old birds
35 NAT Chateauroux I 18604 Yrl
39 NAT Tulle 6299 Old birds
40 NAT Bourges 21522 Yrl
42 NAT Chateauroux 25710 Yrl
54 NAT Bourges 21522 Yrl
59 NAT Tulle 6299 Old birds
60 NAT Chateauroux II 18769 Yrl
60 NAT ChateaurouxIII 5868 Yrl
63 NAT ChateaurouxIII 5868 Yrl
67 NAT Montlucon 16982 Yrl
73 NAT Chateauroux 5868 Yrl
76 NAT Tulle 6229 Old birds
79 NAT Bourges 21522 Yrl
81 NAT Bourges 21522 Yrl
94 NAT Gueret 16262 Yrl
100 NAT Chateauroux 5868 Yrl
101 NAT Chateauroux 5868 Yrl

Provincial Results 2015


1 PROV Bourges 1971 Old Birds 
1 PROV Chateauroux II 1993 Yrl 
1 PROV TULLE 472  Old Birds
2 PROV Bourges II 2057 Yrl
2 PROV Bourges 3110 Yrl
3 PROV Gueret 1824 Yrl
4 PROV Bourges II 2057 Yrl
4 PROV Gueret  1824 Yrl
4 PROV Chateauroux 1993 Yrl
5 PROV Chateauroux III 502  Old Birds
6 PROV Bourges 1971  Old Birds
7 PROV Bourges 1971  Old Birds





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